Canine Chic Inc Dog Grooming

Canine Chic Inc Grooming Salon in Woodstock Ga.




            We prefer that you make an appointment. We schedule appointments through-out the day and will do our best to get you in as soon as possible. When you have an appointment we guarantee a 3.5 hour pick up time (unless severe matting) which we will give you when you drop off your pet. If you schedule an appointment there is no need to leave your pet all day.  We request that you please honor your appointment time and do your best to be on time, even 15 minutes late can put us very behind. If you are late to an appointment you may be asked to reschedule for another day, if we can still squeeze you in there is a $5 fee for being more than 15 minutes late and your pet will have to be worked in when we can, resulting in a later pick-up time. There is a $30 fee for missing an appointment with out calling. 



            We do take walk-ins when we can. We take walk-ins until 1:00pm Tuesday through Friday and until 12:00pm on Saturdays unless we are full earlier. If you choose to come in as a walk-in we will have to call you when your pet is ready and it could be later in the afternoon. If you do not want to leave your pet very long, we recommend scheduling an appointment.



            We do require proof of vaccinations. This is a Department of Agriculture law. It is not meant to be inconvenient; it is to keep your pet healthy and safe! We only require current rabies but we do recommend DHPP and Bordetella. You may either bring a copy of the records or the vets name and number and we can call to verify.



            We will do our best to remove matting safely and as gentle as possible. There is an extra fee for de-matting based on the amount of time needed to remove it. We may refuse to de-matt and suggest shaving for the following conditions:

            Puppy: A young puppy forced to sit through vigorous brushing may grow to hate grooming. Usually a puppies first several groomings should be simple and as enjoyable as possible.

            Elderly Pets: Older pets can usually not handle the brushing and amount of time standing needed for de-matting. There comes a time when grooming is about keeping them comfortable not appearance.

            Sores and hotspots: Matting can suffocate the skin causing sores, hotspots and infection. If we notice these present it is best to remove as much hair as possible to allow the skin to breath and heal.

            Behavior: If the pet gets extremely upset or aggressive with brushing it may be best to shave to avoid injury.

            Multiple visits: If the pet comes in several times in a row with excessive matting and we have to dematt it can eventually cause skin problems as well as damage the hair making it more likely to tangle. It may be best to start over and then find a shorter cut that is easier for the owner to handle.



 If your pet has fleas they will have a flea bath to avoid spreading to other pets. There is a fee of $4-$8. This is not optional if we see fleas!


Payments and Returned Check:

            We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and checks! There is a $30 fee for any returned check.